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Evan Smith Spitfire Wheels Thrasher Part

Thrasher has uploaded Evan Smith’s part from Spitfire, and it’s very worthy of your viewing. A classic song, excellent skating, and Evan kills it every time. The ender is insane, and the filming is on point. This edit will definitely be on repeat for quite a while here at the shop. Enjoy.

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Vans Presents: No Other Way; A Thrasher Exclusive.


Vans shoes dropped a full length this morning on the Thrasher Magazine website, and it’s everything you need in a skateboard video and nothing less. Raw footage, hammers, excellent lines, and a dope crew that is constantly paving the way for powerful skating as we enter 2017. Click the photo above to watch, get stoked on Vans shoes, share it with a friend, and then go out and skate.

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Cafe Creme Blog Interviews Yaje Popson

The folks over at Cafe Creme Blog recently got to speak with Yaje Popson about his time in NYC, working on the TWS video, and his love for avocados. For those who don’t know who Yaje is, Cafe Creme gives a good run down about his life and how he came into skating, left, and came back after a wild awakening from a getaway to his homeland. Cafe Creme also touches on the background of Yaje’s name, what he’s been up to currently, and how he lives his everyday life. Click here to read it.

yaje popson

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Bryan Herman Talks Made 2, Skating With Shade, And Baker 4

Bryan Herman recently sat down for a Free Lunch episode for the Ride Channel to talk about Baker 4, Made 2, and skating with shades on. Herman, who turned pro for Baker in the early 2000s, always has something neat to say, and to hear him talk about his favorite parts in Made 2 and what he’s looking forward to about Baker 4 got us stoked for more Herman footage. Click the photo below to enjoy the interview. Bryan Herman is a legend.

bryan herman

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Hunter O’Shea Presents “Software Hardware v1.0”

From the creator of A Happy Medium, Hunter O’Shea brings to you his latest creation: Software Hardware v1.0, a skateboard video for Software Hardware. Software Hardware is another hardware company with an excellent edge and a stacked team of guys who are all around incredible skateboarders. The video went live on Thrasher yesterday, and is the best 12 minutes worth of footage that you’ll watch all week. Smash that photo below, and you’ll be directed to the Thrasher page to watch this excellent flick.

Hunter O’Shea

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The Asphalt Yacht Club Sails Their Way To Tokyo

The Asphalt Yacht Club recently hopped in their luxurious schooner and sailed to Tokyo, Japan for a very oriental skateboard trip. Asphalt Yacht Club’s team was packed with heavy hitters on this trip including Stevie, shop favorite, Al Davis, and Riley Hawk amongst several other shredders. The edit, which is live on Thrasher, is worth every second, because come on, who doesn’t like Al Davis footage?

asphalt yacht club

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Adidas Skateboarding Gives Us A Little Taste Of Russia

Could Russia be the new China in regards to undiscovered skateboard hot spots? After watching this latest Adidas Skateboarding edit, we think so. While we have no idea who any of these dudes are, they absolutely killed it on a board, and they skated some of the dopest spots in mother Russia. Adidas Skateboarding has an incredible international team, and this Russia squad is proof of that statement. They have the Ivan Drago power in their pop, the Wassily Kandinsky style in their tricks, and they’ve got the Yuliya Stepanova speed. Click the photo below to watch the edit.

adidas russia

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The Deluxe Boys Interview Krooked Guest Artist, Quentin De Briey

The Deluxe San Francisco folks recently sat down with their newest Krooked Skateboards guest artist, Quentin De Briey to talk art, skating, and every day life. Quentin De Briey is an artist from Belgium who is best known for his photography. He’s a great skateboarder, he has traveled the world, and has been given awesome opportunities like shooting photos for a living. Click the photo below to read the interview in full and see his photos.