Evan Smith Spitfire Wheels Thrasher Part

Fairman's Staff

Thrasher has uploaded Evan Smith’s part from Spitfire, and it’s very worthy of your viewing. A classic song, excellent skating, and Evan kills it every time. The ender is insane, and the filming is on point. This edit will definitely be on repeat for quite a while here at the shop. Enjoy.

Hunter O’Shea Presents “Software Hardware v1.0”

Fairman's Staff

From the creator of A Happy Medium, Hunter O’Shea brings to you his latest creation: Software Hardware v1.0, a skateboard video for Software Hardware. Software Hardware is another hardware company with an excellent edge and a stacked team of guys who are all around incredible skateboarders. The video went live on Thrasher yesterday, and is the best 12.