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Fairman's Presents "SAL" A full-length video by Tom Ramsburg

Fairman's Presents "SAL" A full-length video by Tom Ramsburg

New shop full length video filmed and edited by Tom Ramsburg!

Fairman's Skate Shop presents "SAL" a full length video in honor of the owner of Benny's Pizza in West Chester PA who passed away this year. Sal was a great friend of the shop and always fed all the guys who worked here! Thanks for all the great memories!

Rest in peace Salvatore Inzone Sr. - Tom Ramsburg and the rest of the Fairman's crew.

Filming/Editing: Tom Ramsburg

Additional Filming: Steve Lancello Trevor Strachan Darby Kiefer Dominic Bright Xavier Wilson Jake Singer Noah Schrack Evan Anderson Simon Labelle Bobby Holly

Super 8 Filming: Luke Zarelli

Featuring: (In Order of Appearance) Evan Anderson Antonio Parisi Henry Jones Simon Labelle Bobby Holly Carson Reuther Damon Ianetta Trevor Strachan Steve Lancello Noah Schrack Sean Gleason Mike Moll Jordan Friday Dominic Bright Xavier Wilson Greg Dannenberg Dekker Organt Jackson Deets Victor Jones Darby Kiefer Tom Ramsburg


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