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Abe Howell
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Saturday, 05 April 2008

ImageAbraham is in his second year with the team.  He’s one of the goofiest guys we’ve ever met, but he is also one of the happiest, most dedicated skaters ever; and we’re stoked to have him.  Ask Abe about his recent missionary trip to Kenya, Africa.

"No person on this green earth is more excited to be skateboarding than Abe. But do not fret my friends; he will get you almost as hyped as he is if you skate with him. Just ask anybody at Radnor Skatepark. It is impossible to hate on Abe because he is the most rad and positive dude there is when it comes to being a skateboarder. Not only does he do banger tricks, but he busts them out like a machine. Got problems with cops busting your local spots? No problem! Grab your headband and make your own spot! That’s what Abe did, and you wish you knew how to get to it." -Scott McDade 

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